Please enjoy one of our luxurious and relaxing facials. We offer more than a dozen customized facial treatments, each addressing various skin concerns and all with the goal of leaving the skin looking bright, beautiful, fresh and smooth.

We choose to use Sanitas Skin Care™ and Epionce™ products as we feel they offer the most effective skin care lines available.

  • Sanitas Skin Care’s biogenic products have been formulated by a pharmacist and they work at the cellular level to leverage existing biochemical reactions in the body which accelerate tissue regeneration, encourage new cell growth, increase blood supply, and stimulate collagen and moisture production.
  • Epionce is a comprehensive and innovative dermatological skin care line designed to optimize the appearance and health of the skin.

We also offer several facials designed especially for teenagers and men. Please consider the High-Altitude, Vital Vitamin C or Blemish-B-Gone Facials. It’s also important for kids, teens and men to moisturize and use sunscreen in the bright, sunny climate of Colorado.

If you’re unsure which facial you’d like, our skin care aestheticians will perform a careful analysis of your skin to ensure the most beneficial facial for your skin type.

Ask about our Add-on Treatments

  • Sanitas Eye Contour and Lift (15min)
  • Luxurious Hand Treatment (10 min)
  • Calming and moisturizing Paraffin Mask (15 min)
  • Ultrasound Treatment with Vitamin serum (15 min)


Aesthetic Solutions Signature Facial (1 hour)

Aesthetics Solutions is proud of our Signature Facial. It’s a combination of deep pore cleansing and exfoliation followed by a relaxing facial massage, a wonderful Sanitas mask and an effective hydrating treatment.

Antioxidant Moisture Infusion Facial with Rubberizing Mask (1 hour)

Revive dull and tired skin with our Antioxidant Moisture Infusion Facial! Your skin will glow with this treatment that infuses moisture into dry, dehydrated skin. The most enjoyable part is peeling off the rubber mask to reveal total beauty satisfaction!

The hydrating treatment uses antioxidant-rich Vitamins A, C and E which can help with discoloration and uneven skin tone while at the same time adding much-needed moisture.

Your facial begins with a gentle cleansing of the face and neck followed by a 10 to 12 minute exfoliating and purifying enzyme mask which draws impurities to the surface. Extractions are performed if needed and then a light massage is done around the face and neck area with essential oils. The final touch: A renewing antioxidant rubberizing mask is applied which helps facilitate the absorption of nutrients and minerals deep into dermal layers. We always finish the treatment with a lightweight skin-specific cream or lotion and sunblock so our clients are ready for the rest of their day, whether it’s spending time outside or indoors.

The exfoliation involved with this facial is mild so there is no burning or long lasting post-facial redness. Not only does it remove the last bit of post-winter flakiness you may be experiencing, but it also leaves your skin feeling and looking dewy.

European Facial (75 min)

The 75-minute European Facial is a very relaxing way to improve and maintain your skin’s overall appearance. After a careful analysis of your skin under a magnifying mirror, your aesthetician will help you choose the right European Facial for your specific skin type: Anti-aging, collagen, deep cleansing, and more, all tailored to your skin.

This facial involves a thorough cleansing of the skin followed by a light massage and relaxing steam therapy. An exfoliating treatment prepares the skin for extraction of impurities and a customized cooling mask refreshes the skin while your aesthetician massages the face, neck and shoulders to boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.

The facial is finished with Vitamin Serum, moisturizer, soothing eye cream and solar block according to your unique skin type. The results are a beautiful glow! After receiving our European Facial your skin will immediately appear brighter, tighter, smoother, and more even in tone and texture.

European Facial (90 min)

Our 90-minute European Facial offers all the wonder of our 75-minute European Facial, as well as your choice of an ultrasound-treatment with Vitamin Serum or a delightful Paraffin Mask.

Our European Facial is performed by one of our trained European aestheticians, so you don’t have to leave the country to experience this delightful facial!

Revitalizing Vitamin C Facial (1 hour)

Vitamin C has been proven to be effective as a skin treatment for many conditions including broken capillaries, dryness, dehydration, hyper-pigmentation (brown spots), and loss of tone and elasticity. Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants for the skin due to its effectiveness in limiting the damage caused by adverse environmental conditions (especially sun exposure here in Colorado) and aging. It is also essential for the collagen production and free radical protection in the skin, helping to repair damaged cells and prevent future skin damage. Vitamin C is capable of suppressing the pigmentation of the skin and decomposing melanin. It is the # 1 skin cell protector!

Our Vital Vitamin C facial is designed to help reverse the signs of aging that result from everyday environmental factors such as sunlight, pollution and stress. We deliver Vitamin C directly to the skin to lighten skin discoloration while maximizing wrinkle fighting, collagen production and free radical protection. Pigmentation will fade, fine lines and wrinkles will be smooth and you will enjoy fresh, radiant skin.

This facial focuses on cleansing, gentle steaming, exfoliation, extractions (if needed) and conditioning. We begin with a deep pore cleanse with Glycolic Citrus Cleanser and Toner followed by a wonderful Enzyme Mask activated with warm steam. These enzymes dissolve dead skin cells and soften and even skin tone. After a soothing facial massage with Vita-C Serum we apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Tropical C with a lovely Vita-Rich Mask. While the mask hydrates and vitalizes your skin you can relax and enjoy a hand massage with Vitamin C body lotion.

We complete this facial with the ideal Vitamin C treatment and moisturizer for your skin type. And of course, we will apply some soothing eye cream and a sun block before you leave so you can go and show your beautiful skin to everyone!

Results include a more vibrant and youthful appearance, improved cellular turnover and elasticity, stimulated collagen production, restored lasting hydration and smoother, more evenly toned skin!
We have a Vitamin C facial treatment available for every skin type and of course we are always ready to customize our facials to suit individual needs.

New Radiance Facial (1 hour)

The New Radiance Facial is a delightfully rejuvenating facial. It helps improve the skin’s texture, exfoliates, decreases hyperpigmentation, increases cell regeneration, nourishes, revitalizes and oxygenates the skin for more youthful-looking skin.

Blemish-B-Gone Facial (Great for Teens!) (1 hour)

Blemish-B-Gone Facial is a deep cleansing, oil and sebum production balancing, exfoliating, and skin softening facial. The primary ingredient is Tea Tree Oil which when used in a mask helps tighten pores, eliminate and fight blemish-causing bacteria, heal skin and control breakouts.

Turn Back the Clock: Anti-Aging Facial (1 hour)

This facial is designed to stimulate collagen production which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. The Sanitas Skin Care product used in this facial contains Vitamins A, E, D and K which help improve skin circulation and skin damage. Lipophilic Vitamin C moisturizes and enhances overall skin health leaving a radiant, youthful glow.

Aqualicious Hydrating Facial (1 hour)

The Aqualicious Hydrating Facial is a deep moisturizing, anti-aging treatment. This Facial is designed to hydrate and rejuvenate skin that is dry, stressed and lackluster from environmental and climate conditions. It’s great for restoring the skin’s natural water balance and for vitalizing and helping increase circulation. Added moisturizers and customized masks will rehydrate and promote suppleness while helping to reduce fine, dry lines.

Tropical Getaway Pineapple-Papaya Facial (1 hour)

Consider bringing the tropics home with our Tropical Getaway Pineapple-Papaya Facial! This facial will make you think you’re relaxing in a sun-drenched paradise. These two fruits provide an excellent supply of skin nutrition: Both fruits contain enzymes proven to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling while supporting healthy skin by dissolving dead skin cells and sebum.

Papaya is a rich source of Vitamins A, C, E, K and powerful antioxidants like carotene and flavonoids. Pineapple has always been regarded as a powerful antioxidant due in part of its abundance of Vitamin C. Pineapple possesses large doses of calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium. This combination of minerals will help to repair connective tissues, improve the skin’s tone, texture, increase hydration and make the skin more elastic. Pineapple extract contains the enzyme bromelain, which helps break down the connecting layers between skin cells to exfoliate skin. Papaya extracts works as a free-radical scavenger and cellular renewal ingredient, sloughing off dead skin cells.

Our wonderful papaya-pineapple facial treatment provides exfoliation and skin softening as an alternative to Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (like Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, etc.) The treatment begins with deep pore-cleansing and exfoliation. Our skin will not accept moisture unless we properly exfoliate. These beautiful enzymes from nature gently remove dead skin without any harsh rubbing. They also only remove dead cells, leaving the bright and shiny new ones alone. After exfoliation, cleansing and a facial massage we complete this treatment with a calming but powerful customized anti-aging mask to help collagen production and reverse the signs of aging. Our anti-aging mask containing Lipophilic Vitamin C moisturizes and helps improve skin. Treatment includes extractions if needed.

The products used for this facial work at the cellular level to enhance skin health through physical and molecular stimulation.

SEASONAL: Rose Facial (1 hour)

A Rose Facial hydrates, tones, and restores great radiance to the skin. Bright, beautiful skin is essential for winter and early spring. Our Rose Facial promotes beautiful skin by providing gentle pore-clearing action that leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth. The rich, aromatic essence of rose oil relaxes, soothes and softens the skin. Rose oil is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It’s known to be effective in reducing lines and wrinkles and is a gentle and effective anti-aging product for dry, thin or sun damaged skin.

We begin your facial by applying a Rose Scrub to the skin to remove surface impurities and allow for deep pore cleansing. We use a Pink Clay and Honey Mask to help reduce inflammation and swelling. This mask is also ideal for dark circles, puffy eyes, enlarged capillaries and rosacea. The gentle, yet effective treatment properties of Rose and Honey deliver balance and moisture to the skin, leaving it perfectly moisturized. The Rose Facial leaves your skin with a pleasant scent and produces a calming effect on the nervous system.

Rose beauty products are suitable for every skin type including sensitive skin and are power-packed with vitamin-infused smoothers.

You can add this luxurious facial treatment to your hands. This will include the cleansing and mask with calming lavender heated mitts. It sure will make your hands feel as pampered as your face.

SEASONAL: Beautiful with Pumpkin Facial (1 hour)

Warm the senses and relax the mind with our Beautiful with Pumpkin Facial. It is a must-have facial treatment for the Fall season.

Pumpkin is high in zinc, which is really good for the skin; high in beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin A. Vitamins A and C are known as antioxidants, the highly touted vitamins that are believed to help fend off diseases such as cancer and heart disease and even fight free radicals. The Beautiful with Pumpkin facial will help to reverse sun damage, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, erase lip lines and firm, lift and tone aging skin. It will also promote natural moisture balance.

The facial begins with a wonderful lactic cleanser treatment. After cleansing, we apply a hydrating toner to prepare the skin for the nutrients and moisturizers which follow.
Next is the Pumpkin mask with rejuvenating pumpkin enzymes. The Pumpkin mask is an oxygenating facial treatment which restores the skin’s water lipid layer and helps increase the amount of nutrients and oxygen in the skin cells. It also neutralizes free radicals and protects connective tissue. The acid-enzyme blend promotes improved, softer and more even skin tone and texture for nearly all skin types, including sensitive skin.

We end this facial with a rich moisturizing serum, eye cream and sun block.

Beautiful with Pumpkin facial with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits from pumpkin truly nourishes, deeply hydrates and smells divine!

The Greatest Cranberry Facial (1 hour)

Not only does cranberry aroma evoke the blissful feelings of holiday festivities, but the mighty cranberry has the potential to transform the appearance of your skin.

For centuries, cranberries have been valued for their antioxidant properties and anti-aging benefits. Cranberry products have been shown to have a significant impact on skin health, as they have recently secured a position among the family of “super-fruits.” Due to high concentrations of antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-3, and Vitamin B-5 cranberries essentially work to enhance cell turnover as well as defend against environmental damage making it a favorite winter treatment. The berry’s amazing capabilities can be harnessed to benefit all skin types, from balancing the break-outs of oily skin to brightening the dullness of dry skin.

This exceptional facial begins with a deep pore cleansing and toning followed by a wonderful cranberry enzyme mask activated with warm steam. These enzymes will dissolve dead skin cells to help soften and even your skin tone. This mask is also credited with decreasing hyper-pigmentation, improving immune function, stimulating tissue growth and protecting skin from photo-damage. Then, after a relaxing facial massage we will apply our best anti-aging mask which will revitalize the skin, help moisture absorption and reduce the effects of aging. We will finish this facial with just the right moisturizer for your skin type, soothing eye cream and a sun block.

This seasonal facial is an excellent way for our customers to indulge in the scents and benefits of the cranberry while also achieving their skincare needs!

Summer Lemon Guava Berry Facial (1 hour)

The fresh scent of lemons brings back memories of lemonade stands, barbecues and the carefree feeling of summer. Summer is the ideal time to treat your senses to a lovely Lemon Guava Berry Facial. We start with a Lemon Cream Scrub which cleanses and exfoliates with rounded silica crystals. Vitamins C and E provide nourishment and protection from environmental stress. Jojoba Oil and Hyaluronic Acid act as powerful humectants to soften the skin. Next we tone the skin with a Re-Balancing Clarifier as it provides a moisturizing boost by infusing a highly concentrated blend of botanical extracts and humectants, followed by an Enzyme Therapy mask. Extractions are performed as needed.

We finish with a Revitalizing Guava Berry mask. This mask is formulated with beauty secrets cultivated in the Amazonian Rainforest. Delicate facial tissue is enriched with a cocktail of potent antioxidants and gentle skin conditioners. We apply a Vitamin C lotion, eye cream and sun block to complete the treatment revealing a radiant and renewed complexion! You will leave feeling refreshed with glowing skin.

High-Altitude Facial (1 hour)

Our newest customized facial treatment is a deep hydrating High-Altitude Facial. We begin with a Milk and Honey cleanser, followed by a gentle Lactic Acid mask what helps to exfoliate dull skin and also reduce the appearance of age spots and uneven skin tone.

Next, we apply a Hydrating mask followed by a warm Paraffin mask. This will deeply nourish and smooth dehydration lines. While the mask works its magic, you’re treated to a relaxing hand massage. We then perform a calming facial massage with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin-Rich serum and Antioxidant moisturizer for a fresh-faced look. We finish by applying Vitamin C lotion, eye cream and sun block to complete the treatment revealing a radiant and renewed complexion! You will leave feeling refreshed with glowing skin.

Mini-Facial (30 minutes)

Our half-hour Mini-Facial cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It also includes a relaxing arm and hand massage.