Aging is inevitable, but how you age is not thanks to bio-identical hormone optimization (BIHO). Hormones are produced by several glands in your body and are essential to your health and your physical appearance. Hormones decline in all people as they age and restoring them to optimum levels will result in more energy, better memory, a healthier heart, stronger bones, and a more youthful glow.

Bio-identical hormones are medications created with a molecular formula identical to the hormones our body makes. Estrogen and progesterone naturally decrease with age and using bio-identical hormones can help hormones increase to the levels that were present in our youth. This can help you achieve and maintain a better body, a younger appearance and better health in general.

Determining which hormones to replenish, how much of each to prescribe and how to keep all of these hormones working in harmony requires testing and careful supervision. Dr. Zakany will partner with you to create a multi-faceted program that meets your health goals and successfully manages your aging process. Dr. Zakany will keep your health on course, tracking progress, reviewing test results, discussing examinations and determining adjustments to your personal program along the way.

A free 30-minute consultation with Dr. Zakany is available to anyone who’d like to discuss BIO and aging issues.

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