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Antioxidant Moisture Infusion facial $60 (60 min)

'The Super-Facial...revive dull and tired skin. The most enjoyable part? Peeling of the rubber mask - total beauty satisfaction!'

Searching for a solution to your dull and dehydrated post-winter skin woes? We can give you a glow with our Antioxidant Moisture Infusion. It's the ideal treatment for anyone to receive right before or during the spring season. The treatment is hydrating, antioxidant-rich (it uses vitamins A, C, and E), and helps with discoloration and uneven skin tone. Additionally, it strengthens the skin and primes it for the summer when you'll be exposed to more direct sunlight.

To prep we gently cleanse the face/neck and take off any makeup residue followed by a 10-12 minute exfoliating and purifying enzyme mask to remove some impurities. Extractions are performed if needed and then massage is performed around the face and neck area with light oils. The final touch: A renewing antioxidant rubberizing mask is applied which helps facilitate the absorption of nutrients and minerals deep into dermal layers. We always finish the treatment with a lightweight skin type appropriate cream or lotion and sunblock so our clients are ready for the rest of their day, whether it's spending time outside or indoors.

The exfoliation involved with this facial is mild so there is no burning or long lasting post-facial redness. Not only does it remove the last bit of post-winter flakiness you would be experiencing, but it also leaves your skin feeling and looking dewy.

Give your hands a nice treat also! Just for an extra $10

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