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Pineapple - Papaya Facial

Pineapple-Papaya FacialFar-off destinations don't always fit into travel plans. Consider bringing the tropics home with our anti-aging facial featuring papaya and pineapple. In addition to providing you with the escape to a dreamed oasis, these two fruits provide an excellent supply of nutrition: both fruits contain enzymes proven to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling and support healthy skin with dissolving dead skin cells and sebum.

Papaya is rich source of vitamins A, C, E, K and powerful antioxidants like carotene and flavonoids. Pineapple has always been regarded as a powerful antioxidant due in part of its abundance of vitamin C. Pineapple possesses large doses of calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium. This combination of minerals will help to repair connective tissues, improve the skin's tone, texture, increase hydration and make the skin more elastic. Pineapple extract contains the enzyme bromelain, which helps break down the connecting layers between skin cells to exfoliate skin. Papaya extracts works as a free-radical scavenger and cellular renewal ingredient, sloughing off dead skin cells.

Our wonderful papaya-pineapple facial treatment provides exfoliation and skin softening as an alternative to Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (like Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, etc.) The treatment begins with deep pore-cleansing and exfoliation. Our skin will not accept moisture unless we properly exfoliate. These beautiful enzymes from nature gently remove dead skin without any harsh rubbing. They also only remove dead cells, leaving the bright and shiny new ones alone. After exfoliation, cleansing and facial massage we finish this treatment with a calming but powerful custom anti-aging mask to help collagen production and reverse the signs of aging. Our anti-aging mask containing Lipophilic Vitamin C moisturizes and helps to improve skin. Treatment includes extractions if needed.

For this facial we are using Sanitas skin care line. These biogenic products work at the cellular level to enhance skin health through physical and molecular stimulation.

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