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Laser Hair Removal

At the Aesthetic Solutions our nationally certified specialists can remove unwanted hair and make you look and feel great! Our laser hair removal can help women, men and teens eliminate unwanted hair. Whether you wish to have smooth legs that never need shaving, a hair free bikini line, or a hair free back, we can help! Our lasers can treat all skin types, tanned people, as well as virtually all areas of the body.

At the Aesthetic Solutions we use different lasers for different skin types. Variety and versatility mandates this selections; making it possible for us to treat a broad spectrum of skin types, including darker and tanned skin. Our goal is to treat you, our client, year round in an effective manner, removing your unwanted hair while leaving your skin smooth and seemingly untouched. Our lasers offer optimal wavelengths for hair removal for any skin types and hair color. We can customize the treatment to the color and thickness of the hair by changing the type of laser, its pulse width and energy level

Our state of the art cooling system not only protects the skin from unwanted heat but also makes hair removal procedure virtually painless, dramatically reducing treatment discomfort.

All our laser hair removal specialist are Certified Medical Laser Operator-Aesthetics by National Council on Laser Excellence and have completed numerous laser hair removal training sessions and workshops for laser hair removal professionals.

Our resources and our time are spent ensuring we reach our goal; removing your unwanted hair.

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