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Mediscope Digital Skin Imaging DeviceMediscope Digital Skin Imaging Analysis

Have your "cute" freckles become not as cute as in years pass? Are they more like blobs and patches that make you look older than you feel? These freckles are on their way to becoming blobs and patches and "age" spots. We can take care of them before they get there.

Could this be you? Our Mediscope skin analysis system can show you the true picture what your skin is like.

Aesthetic Solutions Center is one of the only clinics in Colorado using the European state-of-the-art Mediscope digital epiluminescence microscopy system from Germany.

What Mediscope can tell you about your skinWhat Mediscope does:

  1. Analyses redness, veins, wrinkles and pores on your face
  2. Compares your personal sun and vascular skin damage score to your age group
  3. Immediate, non-invasive analysis of skin using 70-fold magnification
  4. Digitally photographs and stores microscopic and macroscopic images of your skin for further comparison and evaluation

Who benefits:
Everybody who cares about their skin and wants to know the condition it is in.

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