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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Patient Intake FormsTestosterone has always been known as the male sex hormone. It has recently been shown to be linked to longer healthier lives in both men and women. As testosterone levels decline with age, there are health problems that accompany this loss of hormone. Testosterone replacement or optimization has been shown to be effective in providing many health benefits.

Testosterone isn't just a sex hormone. Testosterone is essential for sexual function, but has many other uses as well. With receptor sites in the brain, heart and throughout the entire body, testosterone plays a pivotal role for men and women in maintaining lean body mass, skin elasticity, libido and healthy immune system. Testosterone ensures proper heart function, regulates mood and aids brain function (cognition), controls blood sugars, regulates healthy cholesterol, controls blood pressure, prevents heart attacks and even reduces risk of prostate cancer.

Testosterone also aids in bone growth and anabolic functions, as well as augmenting protein synthesis. The fact that men produce more testosterone than woman is evidenced by the increased bone and muscle mass.

Testosterone optimization results in increased muscle strength and lean body mass, improved sexual response, reversal of impotence, and improved body composition. Testosterone has also been shown to protect against cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and degenerative joint change. It improves the sense of well-being and depressed mood that are frequently seen in andropause (male menopause). It has also been shown to improve memory. Men who receive testosterone optimization consequently report that they feel sexier, stronger and healthier. They state that it makes them feel as they did when they were in their prime.

Testosterone is responsible for the sex drive of both men and women. As testosterone diminishes with age, so does the sexual functioning in both men and women. Restoring testosterone to youthful levels can reverse this situation. All to often, men and women automatically assume that as they age, their sexual capacity will diminish. There is no need to accept this loss of sexuality. Testosterone can play a critical role in helping to preserve and even restore sexual desire and function so that we can live our extended life span with the same excitement and enthusiasm we enjoyed in our youth.

Testosterone optimization helps reduce obesity, raise lean body mass, normalize blood clotting and raise the good HDL cholesterol, all of which decrease the incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It also prevents cognitive decline and Alzheimer's Disease even better than estrogen in women. A recent medical study showed testosterone reduced C-Reactive Protein levels (CRP) a measurement of inflammation in blood vessels. Testosterone protected against heart attacks and progression of heart disease. Yes, testosterone has been demonstrated to increase lifespan. A recent study from the Annals of Internal Medicine demonstrated that men with the higher levels of testosterone lived the longest. Men with lower levels of testosterone did not live as long. This makes one wonder why most physicians fail to recommend testosterone for all men.

As a Board Certified Physician in Family Medicine and Diplomat of American Academy of Anti Aging, Dr. Steve Zakany has the knowledge and the expertise to maximize your potential for optimal health and well being through physician prescribed hormone optimization.

Before starting a program of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) you must first find out whether you are a good candidate. A TRT Screening Questionnaire will give you a good idea. This would be followed by a comprehensive evaluation and testing of the entire hormonal system, not just testosterone.

The next step is to understand the controversies and risks of TRT.

The last step is to understand your treatment options. This can be discussed in greater detail when you meet with doctor Zakany.

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