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How Do I Get Started with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement?

Patient Intake FormsThe first step is to make a decision that Bioidentical Hormone Replacement may be right for you. You should not only read the information regarding Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and hormone optimization on this website, but other informative websites such as World Health Net.

Next you should call our office 303 666 1199 or make an appointment online to set up a free consultation. This would not be a medical evaluation, but rather a time to meet with Dr. Zakany who can explain the various programs available, such as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement only, or other more comprehensive options. This consultation will typically last 20-30 minutes, and should answer any questions you may have.

If you decide to proceed with one of the programs, you would then schedule a comprehensive evaluation at a later date. You would be given a "homework packet" of forms that would need to be completed at least 48 hours prior to your evaluation to allow able time for review. This can be completed in paper forms or thru a secure and password protected portion of our website.

At least 3 days prior to your appointment you will also need to get a very comprehensive lab panel, which is typically much more extensive than those done at a typical physical. This is necessary as a baseline to allow for optimal hormone replacement and will cost about $250. This Comprehensive Male Panel includes the following tests: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel; CBC; Lipid Panel; TSH; T3, free; T4, free; Testosterone, free & total; Estradiol; Progesterone; SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin); IGF-1; LH; FSH; Ferritin; DHEA-S; and CRP-hs.

After your comprehensive evaluation, you will be given a complete analysis of findings and recommendations. Any bioidentical hormone prescription will be compounded specifically for your needs and send directly to your home. Estrogens and testosterone are most conveniently replaced in a cream which is absorbed thru your skin on a daily basis. Progesterone and other hormones may be taken orally. Dependent on the exact dose, cost is typically around $2-3/day.

Brief follow up appointments are scheduled monthly, either in the office or via phone conservation, for a few months to access progress and possibly make small changes in dosage based on symptoms and noted changes. After a couple months, repeat labs are performed and further dose adjustments are made, if needed. Once hormone levels are stabilized at "optimal levels", major lab testing is typically required annually.

Unfortunately, "hormone optimization" is considered neither "medically necessary" nor covered by medical insurance. As such, we do not accept or file any insurance claims. Flex spending accounts, however, will usually cover the related costs. If you have a Flex medical spending account, please check with the plan administrator.

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How Do I Get Started with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement?
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